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About Edie Chase, Mobile Notary and Remote Online Notary in the Seattle area

About Eden

My name is Eden Chase, I’m a notary public living in the beautiful state of Washington. My career in the real estate industry began with low-income housing. I became a notary public when I discovered notarization’s were often needed during the application process and lease renewal. During this time, I completed my degree at North Seattle College in real estate. After graduation I became a compliance officer helping to approve applicants for housing. I worked at a property with a 90% vacancy, which was understaffed, mostly untrained, with incomplete and challenging files. In less than a year, I brought over 500 households into compliance, repaired existing files, and successfully achieved 100% occupancy. 

My business started officially in 2018. My talent for document review came to light when I was working as a compliance officer, and became invaluable as a notary signing agent. Over the last five years I have completed more than 5,000 notary signings, with over 2,500 real estate signing transactions which were virtually error free. The quality of my work quickly elevated me to the status of a preferred notary for signing services. 

I have expanded Chase Mobile Notary LLC to include:

  • Remote Online Notary services (RON) using Cyberize-It
  • Ink Fingerprinting
  • I-9 Employment Verification
  • Copy Certification
  • Apostille Services

Being centrally located in Federal Way, Washington allows me to offer in person signing appointments within the borders of Washington State. People unable to meet with me in person may benefit from remote online notary service, allowing a document to be notarized online. With RON services, you will need to verify that the receiving party (i.e., escrow, licensing, lender, or other receiving party) will accept the document to be notarized via online means. Remote online notary signings are fully legal and easy to do. Cyberize-It is an approved platform through the Washington Secretary of State. 

By working directly with me, Eden Chase owner of Chase Mobile Notary LLC, you will get the very best service from an experienced professional. I am certified through the National Notary Association (NNA) and American Society of Notaries (ASN), with background screening completed annually. I am fully licensed, bonded, and insured with the state of Washington. I stay updated with industry changes and requirements.



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I offer other services such as remote online notarization, fingerprinting and mobile notarization.