Let me start with a small disclaimer: I am not an attorney. No content contained within these blog posts should ever be seen as providing legal advice. It is against the law for me to provide legal advice in any capacity. 

Though I’ve been a notary public a while now, I’ve decided to begin some new aspects of my business in the hopes of helping others. I will do my best to keep most of my blogs relatively short and to the point as much as possible, though some content may ramble a bit more than others. I tend to be serious when it’s called for, but hopefully you’ll see a splash of humor thrown in as well here and there. I do hope you enjoy reading what I share and find some of it helpful to you. Funny thing is, as I was in the process of writing this, a dear friend of mine shared something that really hit me hard and it’s so very true “Supporting another person’s success won’t mess up yours. Real friends want to see you win.” 

Even though I may never personally know many of you, I love helping people succeed in life. I also love teaching and find it extremely rewarding to hear when someone becomes successful. 

And so, we begin 

Like so many others, finding a new path to earn an income to support yourself, pay bills, or just having some extra money in general can become challenging. Many become a notary public to bring in some extra money and see it as a ‘side hustle’ or ‘gig’. Others will be more focused on making this a new career. You will even hear others tell you that the market is saturated with notary public’s. I will never hold any of these same sentiments. If you want something, do it. It’s all a matter of how much work you want to put into it to make a thing succeed. The one thing you will need to know however is that a notary public will never be a ‘side hustle’. There are many laws that you will be required to adhere to. You should read up on your individual state laws to see what you must comply with when becoming a notary public. You could find yourself in a huge amount of trouble if you do something wrong, or even illegal. I am also a big fan of continuing your education as the laws surrounding a notary public are ever changing, and even industry changes in general.

 Though I came from a relatively secure field of employment working in property management, I found my own set of challenges when my employer hired a person that I found I couldn’t get along with for a variety of reasons. This choice led to what I felt became a constructive dismissal for employment. I was fortunate enough that I had already started the process of finding a new job before the pandemic essentially shut everything down. I was also very fortunate to already have had my commission for about 3 years because of the type of work I was doing. I had always wanted to do more with my commission, but I honestly had no idea where to start. This decision began what I came to know as my true journey to become a notary public.

 About 2 months before the pandemic shut everything down, I made the leap headfirst to become a notary public on a full-time basis, instead of my commission being for the exclusive use of my employer. I felt it was a fairly easy transition for me as I was already the type of person who had a tendency to follow the black and white of rules and regulations that a notary public must follow. This may not be the case for you, and that’s ok. Everyone learns at their own pace. Of course, there were far more details that I needed to complete to get where I am today. look forward to sharing with each of you in the hopes that what I have done can help you as well.