I would like to say it was pretty…it wasn’t.

I would like to say it was a cheap fix, but alas no.

Sadly, after many years of a love hate relationship with my printer, I had to resort to getting something else.

As one of the many pieces of equipment a notary public utilizes, a dual tray laser printer is usually one that is the most abused next to a scanner. With that being said, some of us do have our favorites by choice if not necessity. For me, it was a Brother 6200. I knew that time was marginally limited with this machine since I’ve had to replace it a few times already. It usually wasn’t hard to deal with when parts needed to be replaced, and could chalk it up as part of running a business. If one particular part decides it doesn’t want to work any longer however, then other decisions would need to be made. It would be nice if all parts that went out were easier to replace either financially or even putting in the time and effort to fix it. But when it came time to replace the fuser, I learned the hard way that it was simply cheaper to buy another machine. I came to adore my little Brother 6200 in many ways though. I had my high yield toner, and my spares, I was good to go for a while. I could even say I abused that printer with how much I was printing. To say I was a bit loyal to my little 6200 would be a bit of an understatement. I even went as far as buying a cover, and many other accessories for my little work horse. My loyalty to my 6200 would hold for years, much to the demise of my poor husband who would bring everything back and forth to the car each night and morning.

 The realization that the time had come for a new printer when my printer spewed toner, I wasn’t a very happy person. The hate part of my relationship was now coming to reality. Many in the notary public industry were told the 6200 was the printer to have. Due to its popularity, this particular printer wasn’t always easy to find. I was never really surprised if I heard that a particular store was out of stock at the time. This time however was different. There was absolutely no store around that had one, and finding something online was far more expensive than I felt comfortable with. I searched high and low. I even resorted to calling Brother itself to ask why stores everywhere were out of stock. Only to hear the dreaded ‘D’ word, Discontinued. Great. My week was turning out fantastic. Scrambling to find something compatible that would be just as durable and able to put up with my abuse was about to become a whole other level of fun, as I now needed to let my husband know that I had to spend money. These usually aren’t the words he likes hearing.

 With the type of notary services I provide, the choice of a printer can be somewhat out of our control as to what we can or shouldn’t use. This can be based on cost, preferences of a company that hires me, or other factors. I’ve never really been a fan of ink jet printers since the cost of the ink alone would be a type of financial suicide with how often I print. I also refuse to use a copy and print store for printing anything that will need to be signed due to confidentiality reasons. Unfortunately for me, the solution becomes a bit pricier, as I have a dual tray laser printer at my home as well as my vehicle. Being a mobile notary public has its perks, but a broken printer isn’t one of them. I have been known to be printing while I’m driving to an appointment far more often than I would care to admit.

 I’ve been helping many people with real estate transactions, especially during what became known as ‘The Refi Boom’. I would receive many calls from an escrow or title office telling me there were new documents that needed to be printed. During the ‘Refi Boom’, shipping centers began to know me by first name, if not by the car pulling up to the store front. Still unsure if this is a good or bad thing, but I digress. I love my work with the real estate industry. Having the ability to print while driving to an appointment would become a crucial part of my ability to problem solve to get something done. Though real estate transactions may not be happening as often as they once were, the fact that I still have a printer becomes very helpful for a client who needs help with printing something.

 It still bothers me weeks later that someone at Brother decided to randomly select such a popular machine to go onto the discontinued list. Someone at Brother itself chose to ruin the lives of all notary public’s out there and discontinue the best machine ever (or so I personally thought). I mean, this baby was pretty darn quick at printing. Changing out the toner and drum units, easy peasy. In the life of a notary public, my printer was something to be jealous of with all its bling.

 Luckily though, my husband is a bit of a research junky, and the task of finding a compatible printer was right up his alley. He began the task of looking for something while I cleaned up the disaster of the puke job. I did find a new machine that seems to be working great and is a step up from my old one. Thankfully my husband was marginally ok with the fact I would need to buy 2 of these new printers (a girl needs her back up). Perhaps a new love, hate relationship will blossom. I can only cross my fingers that Brother doesn’t choose this one to go on the chopping block any time soon.